Work Boot Review – Red Wing, Thorogood Or Caterpillar

More Time in Boots

The truth of the matter is you spend more time in your boots than you do in your in bed. You owe it to yourself to at least put a good pair of boots on your feet, an investment into a good set of boots will actually save you money long term. Decades ago I started to buy those cheap work boots, I would get them a K-Mart or Wal-Mart for forty, fifty bucks and I would wear them out in one season. I then switched over to Red Wings but I was discovered that this hundred fifty dollars pair of boots, instead of replacing every single year would last me five years.

And at the end of five years I was so sick of putting on the same boots and looking at the same boots that I ended up throwing them out and just getting another pair just to see if any improvements have been made. But that saved me money, I was then spending thirty dollars a year for a pair of boots instead of forty or fifty dollars a year and getting a much higher quality boot. I switched over to Thorogood, so I’m going to share with you the difference between a set of Thorogood and a set of Red Wings, my two favorite sets of boot.

Good Boots Make a Difference

The first thing you have to understand is this boot is the only thing separating you from all the crap you walk through every single day. This is a marathon, not a sprint, it is absolutely nothing to do with how you feel at the end of the day but how you feel in five or ten years from now. And a good set of boots is the difference from you waking up, being able to go to work and waking up, laying on the floor and stretching out because you can’t move because you’re sore up.

That’s what I had to do every single day because I didn’t put good boots on my feet when I was in my twenties, and it’s a little too late for me but it’s not too late for you. I wish I could go back in time and slap a decent set of boots on my feet. So I can now wake up without laying on the floor rolling around for twenty minutes trying to be able to move.

Shopping Locally

Shop locally. Now some of you guys are going to go “Oh hey Stan do you like Caterpillar boots?” Caterpillar makes awesome equipment but as far as their clothing goes, they’re not made in the United States and I’m not going to put them on my feet. I’m not to tell you where they’re made but maybe you guys can figure that out. I prefer the Red Wing, time tested, proven amazing boots that perform and do everything I’ve ever wanted them to do, the difference between my Red Wing and my Thorogood is a level of comfort and weight. The Thorogood boot is a much heavier boot. For my daily boot, I’m going to be grabbing this one before grabbing my Red Wing.

The reason is, because this is a much more comfortable boot and its waterproofing seems to hold up better than these Red Wings and I put these boots to the ultimate waterproofing test. Now no boot is going to be waterproof above your angle or above the top of the joint spacing here, but up to that level, I consider it all should be fair game. Anything below that down my feet should not experience any moisture and in the Red Wings, my feet have. I’ve had these boots up to about this level and noticed the moisture wicking in through the leather, I don’t want to work in wet feet all day long.

Thorogood. Redwing. Caterpillar.

The Thorogood on the other hand, amazingly waterproof, I told you to shop locally. If you happen to have a Red Wing dealer by you, perfect. But if you don’t have one, then you’d have to go online to order them. As far as these Thorogood boots go, there’s a company that called WorxMen and I know for a fact if you can’t find these boots locally, WorxMen online has the absolute best deals available. Emails from manufacturers who have looked at their pricing and says you can’t get this, the lowest legal price allowable and then on top of that, at Dirt Monkey University they’ve actually given a coupon just to the Dirt Monkey maniacs where they get an extra ten or twenty percent, I don’t know.

So you’re not going to be able to find a cheaper boot but what you can do, is you can look them up, go online and look at the price, look at the kind of boot you want and then if you can find it locally, at least give your local store a chance to match that price. That’s a huge thing, you got to support the people in your neighborhood. If they can’t do it or you can’t find these Thorogoods locally, then order them through WorxMen, because I promise you you’re not going to find a better deal.

Winners: Red Wing & Thorogood

As far as these two boots go, absolutely hands down, I would highly recommend Red Wing or Thorogood. The quality of these boots is without compare, the comfort of these boots is also there. A lighter boot is just not as high quality, as far as waterproofing goes, is this Red Wing. They make amazing shoes though. But the Thorogood is more comfortable, more waterproof, my personal go to boot. When I got them side by side. But it’s a much heavier boot than the comparable Red wing. I’m want to hear from you, what boots do you guys like? So tell me how long have you had your boots? What brand are there?

God bless each and every one of you, go get them my brothers and sisters.

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