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Team Rubicon – Heavy Equipment Operators There for People in Need

Disaster Relief

Do you know what happens after disaster strikes? When people are washed out of their homes and they have nowhere to go? When everything they own is taken from them?  There’s a group of men and women that step in to help out. They don’t get paid anything and they don’t expect any money. They’re known as Team Rubicon and they’re 45,000 strong They’re comprised of ex-military and kick ass civilians. And they go wherever they’re needed the Philippines, Haiti Or Texas and Louisiana it doesn’t matter. Team Rubicon also trains their volunteers on how to operate heavy equipment. We’re going to go behind the scenes and see what it takes to run this worldwide rescue operation. Thank you. It’s a team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, ex-military, kick ass civilians and equipment operators coming together. It’s a team that needs you. So let’s meet Dave he’s the head of the heavy equipment training operations from Team Rubicon. Good Dave from team Rubicon and guys this is something very unique, so Dave can you tell us what team Rubicon is all about?

Dave: Sure absolutely, So team Rubicon is veteran based disaster response organization, we’ve got about $45,000 s a year/ [Inaudible] we get the skills and training that veterans get in the military with first responders [Inaudible] disasters all over the world.

Speaker 1: Really what you get a should know is that these guys have trained skilled operators they’re masked Military they come out and they help tear down houses, clear street. what else do they do Dave?.


Dave: We have up in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services and so we’ve been training for includes case. [Inaudible] and. We’ve trained our volunteers on the proper safe use of equipment and then we deploy them out to the disaster responses is we do full scale demolition of homes, we do clean up of debris after the demolition during or any other debris that is a result of of this firm. We also send salt teams out to cut down all the tree’s that’s scattered around and we use case equipment to remove that as well.


Speaker 1: So now you mentioned case equipment. What is case involvement with team Rubicon?


Dave: So sixteen months ago when we first started looking for a heavy equipment training program that we could scale nationally to provide uniform training to our volunteers across the country, so case was working with the US fishing line service at the time. We all sat there and started [Inaudible]


Speaker 1: I said there are different kinds of people, there are people when things happen and there are people like everyone here when things happen they step in. We take a step like.


Dave: What our needs are and what our needs are need for every training you ever ask for spots of me every service project whatever equipment needs our case they said.


Speaker 1: So now you now you don’t just work in the united states tell me about some of the projects you do around the world though it’s not necessarily all heavy equipment too if I understand right?


Dave: that’s correct so our international responses are largely medical responses, we have a cadre of doctors and nurses and paramedics and [Inaudible] with volunteers, and we will deploy those out to places like Ecuadorean, the Philippines after the typhoon, places like that to Dubai emergency medical service’s and communities that harder hit but don’t have access to immediate care, so some of these communities all have hospitals but they don’t have quality medical products [Inaudible] so we can deploy these teams out immediately after a disaster.


Speaker 1: Well one last question Dave you are purely a man of profit. How can these guys out there watching right now help continue this operation?


Dave: First of all there are two ways is our website you can go on that and find out pretty much anything about us, what we do why we do it how to join, There is a button at the bottom that says how to join . We are a better and based operation that about 30% of our volunteers are civilians but we do service the veteran community [inaudible] is a stipulation to building our organisation funding streams are important to us there are ways to donate small amounts or large amounts to team Rubicon and actually if you go on cases website there is a link to team Rubicon page on cases website [inaudible] pages as well.


Speaker 1: I had a chance to speak with one of the original founders of Team Rubicon and I learned that he has to raise thousands of dollars every single day to keep this worldwide operation afloat. I also learned there’s two kinds of people in this world ones that make excuses and ones that make things happen. You love what you’re doing I thank you yeah.


5 Comments on Team Rubicon – Heavy Equipment Operators There for People in Need

  1. Jim Rogers

    Decades of experience with dozers, skid steer, backhoe, excavators and front end loaders. I am retired , healthy and willing to volunteer

  2. Kimberly Buder

    I am a retired International Union of Operating Engineers member. I have ran a variety of equipment. From road work to, pickers, Lulls, loaders, dozers, Bobcats. Etc. I have a lot of time on my hands and would love to be a part of helping and making a difference. I am free to travel for extended lengths of time. I will be filling the necessary paperwork to obtain my passport this week.

    Please feel free to contact me at 219-405-3089

    Kimberly Buder

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