Plow Review Kage Snowplows in Action

We’re going to put this Kage plough through to two-test that you will typically encounter when you’re in a commercial snowplowing situation. The first one, is what I call curb cleanup and curb detail and the second one is the hog event just can’t move the mass quantity of snow now in this case, it’s middle of February and it’s pouring rain on us in Minnesota. Really unusual situation, so we had to actually stop while snow around the curve line to make this event happen you know this event was the Kage against a bucket removing snow from a curved line.


On our accounts we have zero tolerance for snow above and beyond the curb line, just the way we typically have to do it with the bucket is back track everything away so that we can then angle the machine to be able to pick the snow up without getting any beyond the curb line. Now, let’s be clear in a situation like this, you would think that it would be smart just to put the edge of the bucket along the curb line and plow forward picking the snow up. But when you have a zero tolerance for spillage over the curb, you cannot do that, everything must be back straight away so both operators are doing that in this event. Watch how efficient this kage system is. The operator running the kage opted to take the actual kage itself and run it as a street snowplow angling the snow away from the curb and then, what he’s going to do is he’s going to go over and pick up the actual Kage to scoop up and carry all of that snow out of the way. Now, at this point the operator running just the plow kage been able to create the space he needs and now he’s going to go get the containment portion and hook into that you can see the operator running the bucket in the background is about halfway through the back dragging process. So, all the other operators going over he’s going to pick up and hook into that kage and you’re going to see that happen and then he’s going to go back over and grab all of that snow and carry it to the pile. The kage absolutely dominated this back dragging the event. Night and day pretty amazing results in my opinion. The speed and efficiency this system used, was beyond what I expected this kage system was select. Look how fast you can slide right into the containment unit itself the operator never has to leave the machine it was absolutely amazing but one of the things that I really like this coming up right here look at this, the entire kage unit itself can angle. So, it’s not only a containment plant but it is a possible functioning angle plough with wings absolutely phenomenal design. This kage snowplow was easily the best of both worlds a containment plough and an angle plow all wrapped up in one for a piece of equipment? I absolutely found this thing to be of beyond what I expected it was capable of doing.


So for the next event, we had to actually dig into this frozen slushy ice we call it the ‘Hog event’ what we’re trying to do is see how efficient and these containment policy can operate against standard snowplow. Will the hydraulics be able to hold up on the kage system with little allow it to angle and still function besides just being a straight pusher blade or the weight of the snow itself stump the cave system from working; so let’s see what happens. Sometimes heavy wet snow like we’ve stage for this next test can affect the performance of hydraulics on snowplows. The kage system was able to handle the biggest loads we could throw at it and still angle its containment unit. You can see that we have enough of a load on in this case that it’s actually slowing this S-250 Bobcat down but the containment unit itself is unaffected I want to give a big shout out. To the guys from Kage the president Mike and Chris the General Manager both came out and they allowed me to do absolutely anything I wanted with their snowplow system they didn’t stop us, they didn’t make suggestions, they said do whatever you want. And I did and I will tell you straight up that this is one impressive unit if you are looking for your most efficient system that you can possibly get dollar for dollar this kage system was able to back drag away from curbs better than a snow bucket, it was able to do a high speed snowplow and hog event carry versus standard snowplow. This system was impressive from start to finish; how you detach it from the containment unit to how you hooked back up and all in all this is one heck of a good system. Now next time I got to convince them to leave it with me, click like, subscribe and share time for me to go get Jake out of the crow’s nest God bless you guys love you girls, hope you enjoyed this.

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