Milwaukee Tools – Tortured, Tested and Pushed to the Limit

Stan: I’m taking you behind the scenes today for the Milwaukee tools torture test I got a chance to go to Milwaukee Wisconsin and tour the factory and these guys literally tortured their tools. It’s something that would make a grown man, laughs smile, and cry all of the same time but maybe not necessarily in that order.

Stan: I mean they had an absolute blast proving that their tools are professional great; doing some very unprofessional things to them we’re talking about sling shooting tape measures into retaining walls.

Speaker 1: For tape measures it’s all about durability, so for this tape is a competitive tape. 25ft and 25.99 inches.

Speaker 1: Pretty intense as you can see, complete destruction on the tape. Can you see the reconstruction of the case?

Speaker 1: Next James want to show them what happens with the Milwaukee?

Speaker 1: Same test.

Speaker 1: Still functional, this is what our users are asking for.

Stan: Putting two hundred fifty clot pounds on a four foot level and having that level bounce straight back and be in perfect shape.

Stan: To go back to its original position.

Speaker 1: That level is perfectly fine as soon as you take the weights off it goes back to normal.

Speaker 2: We have had a number of them gone on it and it’s the same as the 48 that is sitting in the back.

Stan: They’re also going to be sending me some tools and what I’m going to do is take a shotgun to them. They said that there are so tough, that the emperor levels you could blast with a shot gun and it still would be in perfect shape so Emperor levels send me some of those things and I’ll let you know if that’s true or not.  I will completely change my mind after touring the Milwaukee one key feature. I know in the past they said that I thought it was waukee and I was more than wrong when I found out is that there’s so many different applications with this feature and this demonstration is proof what we have here is one saw that is set up with the one key feature and an identical saw that has it turned off the saw that as it turned off the operators just going to run and go, he is just going to pull the trigger and saw as fast as he scan. The operator with the one key it actually has a program with the specific blade that’s in the saw for the specific materials and what that does is it extends the life of them blade but don’t take my word for it check this out it’s absolutely amazing.

Stan: All right I’m here with Murray from Crude Construction guys and you may recognize him from Instagram. We’ve talk to guys about doing  a side by side demonstration of how one key can change the performance of your blade. One on one guy’s going to have it specifically program for one key and let’s see what it does.

Stan: Hold it up the one key that programs this machine specifically to slow it down and optimize the cut versus, just the guy pulling the trigger going to hardcore as possible this place right now,bring it close to the camera what’s actually happening with that.

I’m learning a lot about one key, looks like you can save some blade time correct?

Speaker 2: Yep! yep! diffiatlly the saw has a sweet spot, we just pull the trigger all the way and your good to go.

Stan: Perfect! The results that they’re getting from these one key application just continues to develop one of the other features that I think is the practical for every single person that owns a tool is the G.P.S. tracking here’s a great example there was a guy that bought him a Milwaukee Esau’s and he had activated the one key feature. He had the Esau’s in his van full of tools, in the entire van got stolen all he did is he went to his the Milwaukee one key application in him find my tool and the G.P.S. locator tracked that tool down he revealed it to the police who went to the site with the has been filled with all of those tools was found and the guy was arrested. Phenomenal Milwaukee is on the cutting edge with their tool hide and I think they’re going to find an application for that Milwaukee one key to fit your business but, don’t take my word for it let’s look at what else these guys can do with the tools right here.

When I was there they took one sounds all blade cut one thousand one hundred and ninety pieces of wood that’s not impressive enough each piece of wood had three nails driven through it that saw the nail had not only cut into pieces of wood but three nails each cut, mind blowing But I want to hear from you what is your experience and you’ve been running any new Milwaukee tools and what are you finding with them.


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