How to Make Money Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing

This is one of those few rare occasions where I bid on a lump sum or just a per time basis. They can make a ton of money. We’re talking about$300 for this account and I can get it done on average in less than 30 minutes. I’ve done this account for over 20 years. I want to take you for a tour. I want to show you where these small apartment units can be very lucrative.

There are many different ways to bid snowplowing but I want to compare and contrast lump sum snowplowing that snowplowing on a per time basis versus plowing on an hourly basis. Sway I run that TABC in the background. The reason these smaller accounts can be so profitable is that they’re kind of what I consider to be a one off basis which means that you’re working solely for that property owner on this site. You’re not doing multiple sites across the board because the more projects you take on with the homeowner typically the offer of a discount you have to give them both. You have the opportunity to go and work for a business building owner directly although there is a greater level of risk. There’s also a greater level of reward. So the kind of risk that you face is just getting paid and you have to also understand to make it worthwhile you can’t survive on just one single account alone.

Get Business

You’ve got to go out and acquire the business from five or 10 just multiple parties so that you can fill up your schedule every time it snows. But once you fill up your schedule with these lucrative accounts I guarantee you are going to be making more money on an hourly basis than you will if you run multiple pieces of equipment have multiple operators and have a larger scale operation. You see this. He’ll be here. I get a$110 an hour to run that. He’ll be in pushier blades. I have two of those that I run for skid loaders three pickup trucks. I have nine pieces of equipment that I run do in commercial snowplowing but that one single white pickup truck plowing on them one off lot

Makes me more money per hour than all nine other pieces of equipment combined on an hourly basis.

Let me show you the breakdown on this so you can really understand when you build these jobs. The correct way you can make an absolute killing and lump sum snowplowing. Furthermore what I want you to know is a way to make even more money to top your profits even higher.

Lump Sum Bidding

Doing this lump sum snow plowing is to break it down on a test basis. So for instance, if you get one to three inches you may get paid$300 to do a parking lot if you get three to six inches.

You may make$350 and if you get six to 12 inches then you’ll go to$400. But can you see how you can change your rates and make a ton of money at the same time? The beauty of these jobs. We got we did 1.6 million square feet. Took us

Three hours. Half a crew. Not. Bad. We’re missing one. You know. This. And I drove this scandal honorably the other night. That plane is so frickin’ big on the Air. I was just like. Holy

F why we run both plows and buckets on our skate loaders for efficiency on bigger lots if you really got to get in get out get and get the absolute most done you can. A snowplow will out perform a snow bucket every time.

Snow Buckets

I prefer snow buckets. I’ll tell you straight up. Less maintenance less things to go wrong but when I need to get in and get a job done.

You’re gonna find that I’m putting a blade on the front of my skid loaders because that’s going to give you your maximum efficiency every time over the biggest snow bucket you can handle.


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