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How to make $1,500 in 90 Minutes Doing Sewer and Water Work

Speaker1: Will this take up to an hour?

Speaker2: I would say an hour/an hour and a half.

Speaker1: There disconnecting the sewer and water in this house I’m going to be dangling I need Tony let me come out he’s the owner and then we can all film this. He’s putting a box down in the hole and then you can see it’s usually the right Tony?

Speaker2: that’s normally the day you catch a sign off look at this whole and will be doing the same thing about a month from now.

Speaker1: Really? And so the sewer and water are usually in the same hole as you would understand. And I would know because you got to have a master license, master plumbers license which is not that easy to get.

Speaker2: It’s not, that’s why a lot of guys don’t do.

Speaker1: I wouldn’t bother doing it right when I can just call you. Just call me it’s easy to haul away or attacks you know where that’s not you getting up reality with great knowledge . Acts I got rid of my fuel pump.

Speaker1: Yesterday I’m going right. Through they’re still looking and that’s interesting, do you have to go to on the street at all Tony?

Speaker2: Disconnect Yeah only it’s true this ballot so in this case were good safe balls only problem which I didn’t read on the street because salt would be the water and that would be for future development the water was never caught at the end of the developer parcel that was just the building was knocked down the we’ve got to cut it at the main during the development.

Speaker1: How many of these in a day can you typically get done?

Speaker2: If they’re close in proximity you know didn’t we don’t need to one 15? Right but I mean they were like…

Speaker1: You did 15 of these in 1day?

Speaker2: 1day we did but they were like within the whole the whole walk yeah that’s true but I did that instead which auction I was attracted to Ralph. But they are going to come. In a cut off going to feel like five grand to go to Sand rack, Yeah

Speaker1: I guess we had them one for 4500 remember yeah you know it happenes, it happens I know that’s why I learned better to call you friends right you are going to do your duty. So this is what you normally did with the you’ve got the New Holland extender hall. That’s a big difference get to use your day to extend hope comes in handy.

Speaker1: [not clear]One thousand feet deep with the success rate of the see I’ve got I’ve got a John Deere normal home and I just consider Len and tool carrier to two wheel drive and then I get to board New Holland extend the hole would you mind your digger you got it on my nightgown almost like that the older version of this you ever want to treat.

Speaker2: As I was right or you treat it that way yeah I grabbed the RAM then a while ago for your trailer I’ll.

Let you guys. Just drive the machine down the road yes everywhere we haven’t had a trailer in twenty years.


Years every job we do is probably the last fifteen 20minutes of you know in the city and if we if I have to go somewhere for someone to stop something else and light it wouldn’t want any good for me which one was that was at the burn the house around here they saw it was late here some Friday night the case of hockey and yeah you get. It was fun. To drive the tractor to that one I can’t remember we either drove it there or we drove it back you had a hard on you know the bit

the best thing about what you just said was trying to from simple yet keep it simple simple your business is seriously as a fun place you can get honest guy try it to the guy at the right.

Just I mean if I can do it I’d like your current theory that when you do on which it’s a positive. Physical effort into every You can someone you knew that you have to have to be able ability to do that to go everywhere and do everything the stuff these tractors on this planet I got 775 for work with the hydro I am busy piste here in the winter not very well or so on so when they usually come on for a while this week we’re pretty much going to taper down we don’t have really much else Same here.

up to Christmas you know Christmas I do the Christmas down I’ll be doing you know I work my boys to Chris does a real job and endure even some needed down time you know homeboys are like no I want to work I’m going to go I want to be said that why it’s just comes. To the street

I talked to Jim Stewart he owns Stewart company which is a very big size in excavating got me to trade. For it you know to get it to get. Your feelings into your exhaustion or use like you know really saying when he said yeah yeah sounds like Don everybody gets that way I had people who did this someone from just you know working and not staying hydrated and not eating insert you’ll be joining me just jump from one to go one minute you skip the spill off what I couldn’t figure out what was wrong finding my doctor and they took an X. ray and sure enough it was June, end of June I had I’m not going to happen

It’s stress related it is business running a business now I’m thirty one people and all like to think it is minute three it is one of the toughest question that.


Would have been with me to actually you know what I find even tougher than your creativity on your we do not we get aligned me to be good and right click Great now I’m doing a french drain system this guy’s backyard; backyard or I think in dream town these lovely really good little cars and you did such good work and if I could not name mold that seemed person’s mind probably like you missed a spot around the telephone pole

How do you how do you mean.

I don’t know when to quit. You Paul Yeah we’ve got almost two million square feet of snow we’ve got to back roads like this we run for skid loaders three pickup trucks goes or that we push nowhere a couple dump trucks we haul and one of the the current and a look at me you would realize I’m 15 years old.

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