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Heavy Equipment Comparison Tracked vs Wheeled Skid Steer

What kid of skid steer should you buy?  A tracked one or a two wheeled skid loader? Let’s go over that today. I will cover the benefits and drawbacks of each one. No tracks good loaders. They weren’t available to us years ago but to tell you what. They transformed. The world of skid loaders have revolutionized the industry. They’re not always the right fit. So let’s go over the [00:00:30] pluses and minuses of each Let’s start with the wheel loader. The typical standard bobcat case New Holland I don’t care what brand you use. It’s not about that at all. What I want you to focus on is the fact that that. Wheel loader has distinct advantages over a tractor time and every time you’re working on a hard surface doing demolition doing anything along those lines working on a street bouncing over curbs you want a wheel loader you want those four basic points tires. My friends are way [00:01:00] cheaper to replace than tracks.

Speaker 3:            That’s part of the issue with these tracked loaders is yes you can use them for demolition. Yes you can use them on streets but they cost almost three four times as much as a set of decent tires. You go through a much faster. So if you’re doing a demolition job this is a great example of your ripping up some concrete or something and a patio and getting it prepped so you’d put a paver based on or whatever the point is as soon as you slice those tracks with a sharp [00:01:30] piece of concrete that you don’t see you’re now out$2000 per side. That’s just ridiculous. The cost of these tracks there is a compromise in the middle.

Speaker 4:            And what we’re going to be talking about is utilizing what I’m going to recommend is rubber tracks over tires. It gives you flexibility it gives you versatility. So the benefit of a track skid loader back up just a little bit. The benefit of a track skid loader is the fact. That you [00:02:00] can go almost anywhere you can grade almost anything they are just so versatile for the amount of work you can do especially dirt where there is a huge advantage to using them. The disadvantage is is the cost of those tracks and the limited amount of work that you want to do. You don’t want to still flying with the track skid loader simply because you wearing the tracks down faster than you are a set of tires and it costs you more per hour to replace those tracks making it almost cost prohibitive.

Speaker 4:            But if you compromise in the middle [00:02:30] if you take a set of rubber tires and then you put a rubber track over the top of it you can float. Not as good as a track skid loader but you can still float on the surface. You can do grading work similar similar to what you can do with the tractor skid loader. And then if you get into a demolition Sader you get into a street project. You pull those rubber tracks off and just roll with the tires. So you have both benefits. It’s a huge advantage to it.

Speaker 5:            Now one of the other questions [00:03:00] that I want to bring up is the steel tracks those are called grossers or low rings or whatever the brand name is it doesn’t make much of a difference but the steel tracks that go over the rubber tires stay away from them. I’ve used them for years and years because there just wasn’t any other options out there. They’re going to rip up your machine. They’re going to rip up whatever yard you’re in. Yeah they’re great for biting and mud. Awesome for biting and mud. Awesome. From floating over Clay surfaces and getting in slippery conditions where the tracks [00:03:30] themselves don’t work but they are hard on the equipment. They’re expensive and forget about going on a street with them. Plain and simple you go on a street with a set of steel tracks on a skid loader. You’re going to tear that street right. And we can expect a few phone calls on that.

Speaker 6:            So let’s go over some of the other advantages and disadvantages that we haven’t covered so far.

Speaker 7:            Compact Chaloner or the lack there of [00:04:00] a skid loader with tires will compact the ground that it’s on. Sometimes you want that compaction.

Speaker 8:            Sometimes you need that compact and sometimes you want the weight of the machine to work to solidify the soil underneath. Tires are excellent at that. They are four little points but the size of this that they actually touch the ground. That’s where all the weight is the pound per square foot or inch is immense. And it will compact driveways it will compact surfaces it will compact a lot of different areas [00:04:30] and you can actually utilize the weight of the machine and those tires to your advantage.

Speaker 5:            Now on the other hand you may not want compact and you may be grading a yard you may be trying to get it prepped so something can grow. In that case the tires the last thing you want you want to be able to float over that there are track systems out there that you can actually put your foot underneath the track. You can roll right over the top of your foot. That tracks good longer and your foot won’t be broken. I don’t recommend you going out and testament. I know this because of accident [00:05:00] done it a few times. But needless to say if you can rule Amerie time and the livin is easy summery time summertime summertime

Speaker 9:            . Wheels the benefit to wheels. Think about the rubber the cost of the rubber each tire costs a maximum 250 bucks you spend more than that you’re wasting your dollar bills. Ladies and gentlemen don’t spend more than$250 per tire for tires is a thousand dollars to replace a set.

Speaker 8:            [00:05:30] You’re going to be going through those tires you’re going to want to use a tired machine when you’re working on a street because every time a skid steer turns member a skid steer does exactly what it skids. As it turned to wearing the rubber off the tires. It’s a huge factor to keep in mind. You don’t want to use them on demolition jobs because if you stick a piece of rebar through a tire well you’re you can plug it patch it on down the road.

Speaker 5:            It’s not perfect. You also want a tired machine. If you need compaction plain and simple you’re going to want to go with the track to machine if you need [00:06:00] to flow. If you don’t want compaction if you need to be able to bulldozer and grade just smooth like a tabletop a track machine is where it’s at day and night. There’s an amazing and a lot of different track machines out there. And the hybrid in between them is tracks over tires. Now I’m going to personally go out there and tell you stay away from the steel tracks or retires. I dislike them. I have multiple sets of them sit in my yard and the last case last resort I throw them on one of my machines. OK. I do [00:06:30] like the rubber tires the rubber tracks over the rubber tires. Ultimate versatility ultimate flexibility if you’re gonna buy one machine

Speaker 1:            . That would probably be the way to go buy the machine that has the dedicated tires and stick the tracks over the top of them and you can snowplough in the wintertime you can wear your rubber tires out. You can put new rubber tires on Save the rubber tracks port B will pop them on and off. It’s just kind of the best of both worlds but it’s not quite as good as either one. There’s really no no. [00:07:00] Case there. I hope this has helped you if you want more information reach out to me Send me an email I’ll gladly member I told you guys this. I read everything. So if you got a question you want to know something let me know. Give me a holler Stan at landscape business pro and if you can enjoy these videos share them please and thank you. I love it. Share it with everybody. You can bet the more the merrier I say. So go out and get them. Hope you have a good one. Take care guys.


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