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7 Comments on Free Sample Contracts & Project Proposals

  1. wow! I’m so impressed by you! Thanks, you are on the right track with helping us!
    I’ll admit I’m not in landscaping but really need a contract to protect my self. I had a decorative concrete business before and no longer have the contract. I too am getting older 53. Last year had both legs replaced and can no longer do the decorative concrete business. So I’m switching. Please send anything which helps customers pay. I love your videos! Most liked the one where you did the site work and contractor wanted to sue you for double. That made my blood boil, I was so mad. Sorry, you had to go through that! My website is not up yet. Thank you so much for helping others!!! It will all come back to you 100x
    Take care, Paul

  2. Lantie

    Hey dirt monkey,I absolutlely love the formula’s you share for figuring stone depts. and sqftage and converting to metric tons!!!!What a life saver!!!TY

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