Echo Chainsaw Review – Out with Stihl & Husqvarna, in with Echo

Took it all away. I went to a professional tree company and I removed all their Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws for thirty days. Echo wants me to be a part of an advisory group that gives them feedback on how they can improve their equipment.

I think they’re going to get more than they bargained for. Today there are two parts to this video. In the first part, we get to meet up with Scott at a big tree removal project using a crane. In the second part of this video, we get to hook back up with Scott after he has used the chainsaws for thirty days. Let’s see how this goes.

Three, Two, One

How long have you had this company? We started it 1993. Our main chainsaws are all Stihls. You also have to have a loader and Bobocat or we use a swinger. Otherwise, you’re just spinning your wheels. So why did the roll the blade like that?

It’s loaded up with saw dust it is cutting so fast so that the sawdust gets built up underneath the chain there.

So you charge how much? Six to six fifty an hour for the crane and for the guys?


So this job is bid by the hour? Yeah. So you come in you look at a tree like this one right here in front of your swinger. I’d probably figure three man hours to get here do the work and then be driving down the road.


We would have done a lot of property damage and it would have taken five times longer to get it done . And it would take you know my time long you know even though you have the additional cost of the brain generally the costs come. For about the same for did so much safer for the guy up in the tree and the guys on the ground.

That was well sad almost like you know what you’re talking about lol.


We Return

So it’s been thirty days. Let’s find out how this went.  When I put all four on my garage floor last night they were all leaking oil. They get a lot of the abuse. They’re brand new it’s not surprising that something would have loosened up.

OK but they shouldn’t be leaking oil right?

Not surprising with a new saw that gets used and abused, but when you’re trying to convince someone who’s using a Porsche to take a step down to save the company some money. So the guys they wouldn’t go from a Stihl to an echo.

They would be pissed. They would be they would feel like, “why am I being treated this way?” Let’s look at it this way, you can’t put a wadded up pile of newspaper covered in duct tape and give it to Tom Brady and say, “take it to the Super Bowl.”


He knows what he’s doing. Don’t give them subpar equipment and then expect top of the line results from it. But when you take your climbing saw, half a pound makes the difference and it’s the difference between the saw being an extension of the foreman’s hand.

I want to play devil’s advocate. They have only run Stihl. Had they started out with at Echo, do you think going to the Stihl would feel out of balance?

There are subtle differences but again we’re talking professionals. These guys are going to pick up on those subtle differences.

Anyone who has experience with saws…as soon as they see this it’s like “oh ****.”


I can’t believe it hasn’t been broken off already. I mean that’s not what I would expect with a professional grade. You know another thing that’s bad. I need a tool to get into my gas and oil fill. What is the point of that? You don’t put these back on tight enough and then they loosen up while you’re using it. the next thing you know, your pants leg and the tree are covered in gas or oil. Or you put them on so now you’ve got to get a wrench or pliers to get them off. The other thing is that small hole. Seriously? do I need to carry a funnel?The clip is great an advantage over the feel is it a lock in the place Stihl is real loose and you kind of can fight it to keep it open if you try to clip it.

This saw doesn’t have the clip it just has the hole for a lanyard.  Well not everyone uses a lanyard. A lot of guys just have a carabineer. Echo makes some quality equipment

We’ve got an Echo head shears. We have Echo blowers and we love them.  Absolutely no problem. With the chainsaws, for a professional, they’re not quite there. The first thing I want to say is kudos to Echo for stepping up to the plate. When I contacted both Stihl and Husqvarna, I could even get a response back.

Echo was at least willing to take the challenge on . Now I ran Echo equipment for three years and never had a single mechanical breakdown in any of their blowers or trimmers, but not every piece of equipment is the same.  If this test has helped you guys on some way shape or form. Let me know in the comments down below or give me a thumbs up thank you God Bless Go get ’em.

11 Comments on Echo Chainsaw Review – Out with Stihl & Husqvarna, in with Echo

  1. Dallas Johnson

    I have a lawn care business and use the ECHO CS-400 for small tree job. I am no pro with a chainsaws not at all, but my chainsaw started leaking from the start. I got the chainsaw two week before I got the Tough case. I put gas & oil in it and ran it real good, I got it from my wife for my birthday. I put it on the shop table for week or so waiting to make some extra money too buy the case. When I came back to put in it’s new case oil was all over the table and floor. And now I put paper towel in the bottom of the case to catch the oil that leaks out the saw. And the oil cap is heard to get off. I thought that was a problem only on my saw. I have to get a adjustable wrench to open it.
    The oil runs out fast after several cuts and the chain start smoking and dulling the cutter on the chain, with no warning before needing oil again and the damage is done.I am on my 3rd. chain in two mouth.

  2. I have an Echo SRM-2620T… It’s the first echo equipement my crews and myself have used. We ended up very dissappointed. The “T” idea was a complete failure. You gain “torque” but loose the essential cutting power of the speed of the rotating trimmer line and makes it slow and brutal work to cut through thick saint augustine runners and thick celebration burmudagrass when making an edge. I think we may have been happier without the “T” function but who knows. My guys #1 go to trimmer is the Stihl-FS94R.

  3. Blake robinson

    hay love the vid i have a echo cs550 and i like it i also have a makita ea6100p and a jonsread 535 i am not a tree contractor but i love working with tools

  4. I have used Echo and then migrated to REDMAX SAWS. Now Red max saws are next to none and finding parts are hard to get . Used a Sthil 201tc and will never go back due to the power and dependability.
    The Echo and redmax have switches that are easily hit and shut off where the sthil I don’t have that issue. Good information to keep moving. Maybe it will help Echo design a product that is compreable to sthil one day. A long shot but worth the thought.

  5. I run a landscaping company, after purchasing the echo timber wolf chainsaw brand new, it allways leaks bar oil over the floor of our trucks etc… I thought this was industry standard but then I saw the above video review and find out stihls chainsaws don’t leak.

    Honest opinion: the reason why we bought Echo chainsaws was because they where more affordable. They run great etc… Leak oil… I would say these chainsaws are for the new guy starting a business. Once you grow and have cash in the bank you get yourself a boss chainsaw like stihl. There’s nothing wrong with having a chainsaw built for a specific demographic and pricing it accordingly.

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  7. Steve

    ECHO chainsaw CS-590, used 3 times, total run time maybe 45 minutes, FAIL. The saw quit firing and I took it to a local dealer who says the cylinder is scarred and it’s a fuel mixture issue, not covered. But he can fix it for $200 bucks. I told him I have the can of Echo fuel sitting in my barn and I could bring it to him and he says the Echo rep refuses to do anything. Warranty my A$$, I will post on every site I can find what a BS warranty this saw has and that some d-bag can rook me into a 200 dollar repair for a 350 dollar tool. Echo told me they don’t make the call, their local dealers do. Lincoln Power Sports, You ripoff artist.

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