Jake Hatch of Black Sheep Skid has taken the skills he learned as a landscaper and transferred them into a form of entertainment.  Using his skidsteer and no safety equipment, he puts on a show that delights and terrifies audiences (and sometimes his clients, too).  Stan chats with Jake about […]

092: Jake Hatch – Landscaper to Entertainer

Chuck Bowen, editor of Lawn and Landscape Magazine, talks about how to grow your business with fewer growing pains. Set yourself apart from other companies with excellent customer service.  Customers want someone who is going to call them back and do a good job. Solve the “labor problem” by creating […]

091: Chuck Bowen – Growing with Fewer Pains

Danny Iny’s passion is teaching people how to sell online courses to generate income.  He is the founder of Mirasee, a company dedicated to improving the world by helping people spread their knowledge.  They teach people how to do different components of online marketing. Links from this episode: Mirasee.com TeachAndGrowRichBook.com

088: Danny Iny – Make Money Selling Your Knowledge

Bijan Khaziri is a 17-year-old entrepreneur who manages 3 million followers on Instagram.  He started out affiliate marketing, moved on to selling and drop shipping products on eBay, an then moved to Instagram. He currently manages 5 Instagram pages.  What he does is purchase the pages, grows them, and then […]

086: Bijan Khaziri – Making Money On Social Media