Retaining Walls

Belgard Paver Patio, Fire Pit & Retaining Wall

Outdoor Living Space

I want to talk to you about our latest outdoor living space. This is a Belgard patio fire pit and retaining wall and in addition to that, you’ll see a set of stairs that we built after we were done accessing the area with our equipment going in and out. Those stairs lead to the homeowner’s driveway. So, they can come right off of their driveway walk down, and get to their outdoor living space. This is a Belgard patio, it’s a hollow and stone in what they call a country blend color and the pavers are set in a cool pattern called the herringbone pattern.

Herringbone Pattern

So, as you see here, this is what a herringbone pattern looks like.  In the joints we have filled it with a polymer joint sand. Let me give you a close up of what that polymer does in a polymer joint sand patio.  This polymer sand is not going to wash out when it rains and it’s not going to grow weed. I won’t say it won’t ever grow weeds because sometimes you will see a stray weed here and there.  But nothing like what a granite sand filled patio will do.

A granite sand will wash out very easily, but it’s still very commonplace in construction. With 100% of our paver projects, we use polymer sand because we don’t want to get called back.  We don’t want our homeowners and our clients to have issues with any of their with any of the projects that we’ve completed. We want them to enjoy it for many years without the aggravation of having to pick weeds. So, for relatively a few dollars, it’s not a whole lot more expensive to go ahead and put in the polymer sand.

Fire Pits

This fire pit is another cool feature. This comes as a kit.  This is a Belgard product it’s called a Western Wall and has mitered cuts. Before this kit was created, we used to have to miter these stones ourselves. We would order them as rectangular shape stones and we would actually cut in these miters.  But now they do it automatically.

So, this is actually a kit, it assembles very quickly in just a matter of a few hours. It comes with a steel ring and cooking great so you can make hotdogs on the weekends with your family and it’s an enjoyable space. The space behind me is the retaining wall; its retaining wall is an Alan block product. It’s called a structural block because it does have structural components to be able to hold back the earth from coming forward. We could have used something even a non-structural product because this is not holding back very much but we like the look of this block and it complements the space very well.


Over here, one of the cool little nooks in this project is this staircase. These 3-simple stone stairs and we are using a product called slate chips.  these are just ground pieces of recycled slate. This is a great color.  These chips do come in a brown color as well as a red color. I don’t suggest the red color. It’s not actually that appealing, but the gray color we use quite often. It is just a nice feature that you don’t see in everybody’s backyard, and it complements the pathways very nicely.

So, lastly is the material that we’ve chosen to go around this patio and fire pit area. We’ve hand selected a boulder and we only have one type of boulder in this project. I do like to go to the stone yard myself and actually hand select these boulders.  This was pretty cool because it has a lot of moss on it and you don’t always find that on boulders. So, I tend to have to pick through several piles to find just the right ones.  Those are the little touches that make a big difference.

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