About Dirt Monkey University

Dirt Monkey University is dedicated to the success of businesses in contracting, excavating, landscaping, lawn maintenance, snow plowing, and beyond.  We are here to provide education to small and medium business owners on how to effectively grow your business to the next level.

We cover a wide variety of topics including: estimating (bidding), employee relations, personal development, taxes, business licensees, etc.  In our FREE members only section, we have organized wide variety of education so you have a one stop shop.

About Stan

6460008Stubborn, not knowing when to quit – I decided to start a landscaping company. With No experience, no equipment and no money- I opened my doors.

What a journey it has been for the last 20 years.  I invite you to learn from me.  To avoid the pitfalls and mistakes I made all to often-before I started to figure it out.  Fact- over 90% of landscaping companies and outdoor focused business’s fail- and why? If you thought I could sum that up in one sentence-then your wrong.  I don’t believe that is possible to describe all the hurdles a business faces-in one sentence.  What I do believe is- it’s avoidable.  Not only that- but I believe and know you can make a lot of money working outside. How much you make is up to you-but if your reading this-your on the right track.  Information and knowledge is key- that is what I am going to be giving you.  Everything that I think is important to establishing, running and growing a phenomenal outdoor focused business-is here.

I did this for my kids- the goal was to provide a detailed, clear explanation on how to make it in landscaping. If whatever they do in life fails- this will be their back up plan that I know will allow them to live a very comfortable life.

The only way that will work is if I am honest- I can’t sugar coat what is in this. Business is hard and often tiring. Above all else this guide is designed to help you and them-make it.   In  Beyond the Basics- you will see what it takes to Thrive- not just survive. I use a “win win” philosophy in business. This means that you will learn how to make a lot of money on a job-and make your customer happy. It is simple, elegant and repeatable-job after job.

Watch the video below for more of Stan’s story!

Curious what people have to say about Stan?

“Stan can not only help entrepreneurs with the substantive and business side of landscaping but he excels at the relationship side of small business – how to build and maintain a customer base that will send all their friends your way.”
– Jeff Johnson,  Hennepin County Commissioner, and Nominee for State Governor

“As a small business owner, time and money are your most precious commodities. Stan Genadek won’t waste yours. He knows what he’s doing (he’s been there before)! You’ll have a ton of fun learning mission-critical business tips and tricks that will turn your business from a headache-maker into a money-maker.”

“If your business is not growing in the right direction, Stan will help you figure out why – and what to do about it.”

“Hey Stan, love your content, got to admit, I would consider you one of my mentors for landscaping, your video’s are very helpful and can be applied to produce instant results. Your content helped me to secure a $10,000 job. Thanks again”
– Steve Mederos

“In a competitive environment such as landscaping, it’s easy to race to the bottom in price, work your tail off, and come home stressed. It doesn’t have to be this way. Stanley will provide insight into creating the landscaping career you, your family, and your customers deriver!”
-Darryl W Lyons, Co-founder of PAX Financial Group and Author of Small Business Big Pressure: A Faith Based Approach for the Ambitious Entrepreneur.

“Invest in yourself with the Right mentor and Right mastermind. Stan is that Man, he’s simply ON FIRE!
– John Lee Dumas from Entreprenuer on fire

“Stan is the industry leader in landscaping and construction. He’s the guy you need when it’s time to make massive gains in your business. 🙂 ”
– Greg chrism. aka Geek to Freak the You tube sensation

“If I have a question about my business or just need advice, Stanley Genadek is my go to guy.”
– Brian Shane Top Notch Lawns

“Stan really cares about your success. He’s always talking about group effort, leadership and teamwork.”
– Keith Kalfas   – Kalfas Profesional Services