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    • DirtMonkeyU

      Hi Bob – Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure what happened to the audio there, but I’m working on fixing it and getting it uploaded again. Should be done within the hour!

  1. Hey There guys,Jorge here.I also an Owner of a Landscaping Maintenance Company at Santa Barbara. As i listening to this podcast, i proved to my self that my SEO guys was right.He suggest me to add pages in my website about what i am doing or about my services.Hes point is to add the pages that has the targeted keywords found in the url of the pages of the website.So it easily to get rank the target keywords since it is found in the page url of the website. I am so thankful to this conversation about.Now i have ideas how to generate more traffics and clients and at the same time,the target keywords of my website will easily to rank in Snack pack result in Google.I should listen to my SEO guys before.Since he told me always to feed google information’s,such like contents,images,videos and other useful information’s to have traffic and ranking through Linkbuilding and social media.

    Now im about to get contents about my services so i can add pages for my website.Thanks for sharing this podcast guys.Fell free to visit my website and your feedback is pretty much appreciated. More Power.

    • DirtMonkeyU

      Jorge – your website is awesome. Looks like you are on the first page of Google, so that’s great. Adding content will keep your site moving up and secure your spot. Keep getting those Google and Facebook reviews! Keep up the good work!

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