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  1. Hello stan,
    This Don with donamow services. I want to say thank you very much for all your information you share. At one time when I first started watching Utube my wife always ask me, why do you watch these guys? What are they telling you that you don’t already know? I said you can never learn too much. There have been a few things I do now that I never have such as headphones, website, Facebook and other structures. My website is number one page one and haveing it made was the best investment I ever made. I’m also rated five stars with many refferences. I feel like bc of that I can charge more. At one time I had donamow in Florida. I was yong and because I had an established business I was granted alot of debt and it got out of hand. Six or seven years to pay a 600 a month truck payment isn’t something you think about when your a young single guy. At this time I still worry about what to and what not to do. At this time everything Is paid for. I still have previous debt from the business in Florida. Long story short. My father past a way almost a year ago. I got introduced to over 100 thousand and I’m worried about what to do. I don’t just want to run out of the money wondering where it went. This business is all I really know and I don’t want to start something I dont. I wanted to buy a bobcat and mini excavator but I don’t want it to sit and that purchase will take a major portion of my money. My lawn business is good but I want to step up. I’m not going to make it big making hundreds a day. I need to really be making a thousand or thousands a day. The cost of living is so high I don’t know how regular families make it. It seems like 300-400 a day isn’t that much money and it gos fast, especially with a family. I know I should be very happy to receive such a great gift but I feel more worried than anything else.

    • DirtMonkeyU

      Hi Don – Thanks for your message. I hope you had a great season. You’re right, you should never stop learning. Check out the podcast because we go into a lot more detail about stuff topics there than I do on YouTube

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